Comfort, Care & Companioning Program

This new program is targeted at improving the quality of life for at-risk homeless and marginally housed seniors living in the Tenderloin. These are elderly women and men who are often chronically and/or seriously ill and without social support.


Who they are... a sense of identity aching to be reclaimed

Their only shelter is in City shelters, encampments or unsafe single room occupancy hotels. In addition to acute health conditions, nearly all lack familial connections, resulting in debilitating isolation and loneliness. In spite of these unjust and inhumane conditions, we know them to be women and men with stories to tell, achievements to brag about, concerns to share, losses to grieve, and a sense of identity aching to be reclaimed.



Comfort & Care Companions will preferably be seniors themselves who have a history of life experiences to draw from, and whose minds and hearts are open to being ‘touched’ by the fragility as well as the resilience and wisdom of their brother and sister elders who live in the margins of society.

Comforting Massage  is a gentle way of relieving the tension and pain, both physical and emotional, related to conditions associated with aging.

Caring Conversations & Companionship provide isolated and lonely elders with the opportunity to express their fears and hopes, losses and accomplishments, discoveries and questions in a safe and loving environment.


Comfort, Care & Companioning Volunteer Ministry Training Program (CCCP)

CCCP is a unique model of spiritual care where volunteers and clients together share the sacred journey of aging - mentoring each other from the wisdom of their lived experiences. Together they laugh, cry, pray and hope. They question, comfort, imagine and empower one another to live fully and die gracefully. What's included...

  • A forty hour training in comforting massage skills, communication skills, and health-related conditions associated with aging, death and dying

  • One year minimum commitment to companioning an at-risk senior(s) living in the Tenderloin

  • On-going education in social responsibility and spiritual practice

This is a new program in the process of being created. If you are interested in receiving more information or participating in the development of CCCP, please contact :

Mary Ann Finch, Care Through Touch Institute at or (415) 344-0302

Learn more about our Comfort, Care & Companioning Volunteer Ministry Training Program